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Drilling Hose

Construction: It is composed of an inner rubber protection layer, middle rubber layer, steel wire spiral layer and external rubber cover.

Application: It's used in oil fields, well cementing, well repairing, geological explorations, small drilling machine, and water conveyance at coal excavations. used to carry slurry, water at environmental temperature, and other fluid.
  • drilling hose
  • UGW hose
  • 40092100
Size  codeHose I.D.Hose O.D.Max W.P.Min B.PMin B.R.Weight
DH-2SP-6464±177±2103 149330944809006.4
DH-2SP-7676±198±2103 1493309448012008.5
DH-2SP-8989±1.4111±2103 14933094480140011
DH-2SP-102102±1.5124±3103 14933094480140013.6
DH-2SP-127127±1.5140±3103 14933094480160015.5
DH-2SP-152152±2180±4103 14933094480170018
DH-4SP-3838±155±1.5350 5075875126796004.62
DH-4SP-4545±162±1.5350 5075875126797005.2
DH-4SP-5151±169.3±1.5350 5075875126799005.7
DH-4SP-152152±2192±4160 23204806960170024
DH-6SP-5151±173±1.5700 101501750254009006.2
DH-6SP-6464±189.5±2700 101501750254009007.4
DH-6SP-102102±1.5141.5±3700 10150175025400150029.8

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