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How to prevent oil leakage from high pressure hose?

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How to prevent oil leakage from high pressure hose?

The high-pressure steel wire braided hose clamp should be installed in the correct position, and should not be leaked. Reasonable installation steps are:

1, Tighten the fastening nuts at both ends by a few turns (not tightening temporarily), then tighten the injector platen bolts to determine the installation position of the injector, and tap the high pressure hose with a wooden hammer. Finally, use a torque wrench to tighten the tightening nuts at both ends (torque 40~6ON?m). If the injector assembly is not properly installed, and the center line of both the joint recess and the horn is tilted too much, a large external stress will be generated after tightening the nut, resulting in damage to the high pressure hose joint.

2, Reduce resonance

The high-pressure hose span is large. When the diesel engine is working, the opening and closing of the injector needle will cause strong high-frequency vibration of the high-pressure hose, which is one of the important reasons for the damage of the high-pressure hose. To this end, the middle portion of the high-pressure hose can be fixed to the fixing member such as an adjacent bolt by a clip to reduce resonance.

3. Reasonable adjustment

The injection pressure of the injector is in accordance with the provisions of the instruction manual to prevent the injection pressure from being too high and the hose to be broken. When adjusting the oil supply advance angle, do not pull the high pressure hose hard.


4, Emergency treatment

If there is leakage of the high-voltage steel wire wrapped hose joint, it can be cut into a small circular ring with a soft metal piece or plastic piece, padded in the joint pocket, and then pressed on the horn, or the fuse or cotton thread can be used in the direction of tightening at the shoulder. Wrap a few turns and tighten the joint nut; if necessary, apply soapy or maltose to the nut seat with soap or pad.

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