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Reasons for failure of metal hoses

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Reasons for failure of metal hoses

Metal hoses, also known as metal soft joints, are mainly composed of bellows, wire mesh and flanges at both ends. Their function is to absorb noise and reduce noise. What are the reasons for the failure of metal hoses? Here is a brief introduction for everyone:

1. The virtual welding forms a wire mesh pull-out:

Because of the quality of the welding, the bellows, the ring and the wire mesh are formed in the three-in-one welding process to form a partial weld of the steel wire (over-fired or over-welded). After the hose is installed in the pipeline, because the steel wire is unevenly stressed, under the effect of the medium pressure, the steel wire of the virtual welded joint is first pulled off, so that all the steel mesh sleeves are pulled off, causing the outer drum of the bellows to be ineffective and dangerous.

2, The device is not appropriate, forming a wire mesh break:

When the hose is in the process of the device, the hose will be stretched and distorted because the device is not properly installed or the pressure is too high. When the stress caused by stretching or distortion exceeds the ultimate strength of the hose wire mesh, The net sleeve of the three-in-one welding part of the hose or the net sleeve of other parts is broken, and the outer drum of the bellows is stretched and damaged, causing the medium to leak. Therefore, the planning and selection are required to be accurate, and the device is accurate.

Here, we kindly reminds everyone to prevent the hose from being broken due to the loose welding of the wire mesh. It should be purchased by the regular stainless steel metal hose manufacturer. The welding quality must be guaranteed. In addition, the correct installation method should be adopted during the installation .

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