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Professional Hydraulic Hoses Manufacturer

UGW manufactures a complete range of hydraulic hoses, sizes from DN06-DN51; Fittings, and OEM Hydraulic Assemblies. 
High quality, abrasion resistant and accredited hydraulic hoses covering a broad range of international standards. 
Meets and Exceeds SAE/DIN EN/ISO standards, with excellent quality performance, safety, and longevity.

Hydraulic Hose

UGW hose specially manufacutre the high pressure hydraulic hose and pressure washer industrial hose in China more than 20 years experience. Hose production including standard SAE 100 /EN 853 EN 856 and ISO 18752. Besides, UGW hose factory developed with patent technic to produce some hose performance exceed the international standard with small bend radius and higher impulse test performance. The most popular types are 4SK 4SKT and 6SK.
UGW hoses used in variety applications mainly like construction machinery, mine , agriculture, marine, high pressure cleaning, oil and gas etc.
UGW factory serve all customers with quality, patient and new techlogy.

UGW Hydraulic Hoses Types

Why Choose UGW Hydraulic Hoses

  • Service Life Longer​​​​​​​
    1 wire 300,000 cycles, 2 wires 400,000cylces, 4 wires up to 1 million cycles!
  • Production Traceable ​​​​​​​
    Each step of production are easily find by tracking card to control quality.
  • Factory modernization
    Plant area is 70,000m³, including 1 rubber mixing plant and 2 hoses production plant.
  • Industry deep cultivation
    Entering the rubber industry since 1997, UGW brand born in 2013.

Outstanding Points of UGW Hoses

  • Wide range of working pressure from 580PSI -1,000,000 PSI, and isobaric hose
  • Smaller bend radius, easy to install
  • Excellent Impulse performance, exceed SAE/EN/DIN standard
  • Abrasion resistance, ozone resistance, good fatigue resistance
  • OEM support


24-hours-online professional pre-sales consultation, after-sales services & prompt feedback.


  • What is hydraulic hose?
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    A hydraulic hose is a specialist type of hose that you'll find in many commercial and industrial settings. Hydraulic hoses are typically constructed from flexible rubber or wire, and feature a series of layers to give the hose its strength and durability.

    Hydraulic hoses are specially designed to deliver hydraulic fluid to or between hydraulic components, valves, actuators and tools. It is usually flexible, usually reinforced, and usually constructed of multiple layers of reinforcement, since hydraulic systems often operate at high or very high pressures.
  • What are the manufacturing standards of hydraulic hose?
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    Most hoses are manufactured to ISO, SAE or European Norm (EN) Standards, the latter based on earlier DIN German standards. These standards separately are international standard, American standard, Europe standard. All are also used throughout Asia, though that market is slowly gravitating toward EN specifications primarily because EN-rated hose has a higher pressure rating compared with similar-sized SAE hose. This gives greater safety factors should an application not need the highest working pressure.

    UGW factory produces hoses strictly according to international standards, all hoses meet and exceed SAE/EN/ISO standards.
  • What does hydraulic hose consist of?
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    Hydraulic hose consist of 3 main part, Oil resistance inner rubber - Nitrile rubber, 1wire/2wire/4wire/6wire Steel Wire Layer, and abrasion resistance outer rubber.
  • What specifications does hydraulic hose has?
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    ID, OD, Max Working Pressure, Min Bursting Pressure, Min B.R. , Temperature, unit weight and so on.
  • What you have to consider when choose the hydraulic hose?
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    1. Working pressure: Enough working pressure is the key, please choose the right limit on max working pressure, and see whether it can meet the requirements.

    2. Hose inner diameter: Diameter size should not be too large or small. In order to make sure the fluid are smoothly transfer without clogging, it can be selected according to the diameter of the product used

    3. The outer diameter of the hydraulic hose: according to the diameter of the product used, it cannot be too large or too small to ensure normal assembly without leakage

    4. Use environment: choose the hose according to the use environment

    5. Length size: According to the size of the product and the specific conditions of use, choose the appropriate length size, try to make it just right, and do not allow it to be excessively bent or kept in a state of great tension

    6. Minimum bending radius: Because the hydraulic hose has the minimum bending radius requirement when using it, it is necessary to consider the specific position of the product using the hydraulic hose to determine the appropriate minimum bending radius, so that the normal use environment of the hydraulic hose does not exceed Minimum bend radius
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