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Pressure Washer Hoses
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Pressure Washer Hoses

√ Nice laid out, flexibile and soft sence
√ Blue, gray, black, yellow, orange color hose available
√ Super abrasion resistance, better durability, ideal for cleaning applications
√ RoHs&REACH certified, environment friendly hose
√ OEM, custom assembly with NPT, BSP, M22,... ends, guard protection, apply to various equipment operation
Product Description

Focus on up to date technology, and actual application requirement, UGW pressure washer hose are made to comply pressure washer industrial applications.

We provide 1 wire and 2 wire braid pressure washer hose, from size 5/16’’ to 3/4’’. Hose working pressure range from 3000 - 6000psi , able to meet typically operation and more industrial pressure requirement.

In terms of overall performance, UGW pressure washer hose are improved on abrasion resistance, be more durable even it is working under tough environment. With kink free and nice lay out, fluid is well transfer, and with excellent flexibility, it help better in real cleaning works. UGW also supply custom length hose assembly with accessories, such as hose guard as per request.

Types of Pressure Washer Hoses

1 Wire Braid Pressure Washer Hose

1 wire braid Pressure Washer Hose

Feature: 1000-3000psi Regular pressure resistance, Kink free, Nice lay out, Flexibility

Reinforcement:1 high tensile steel wire braid

Application:Medium Working Pressure Washers, cleaning Equipment Hose Pipe

2 Wire Braid Pressure Washer Hose

2 wire braid Pressure Washer Hose

Feature: High Pressure resistance, Abrasion resistance, Kink free performance

Reinforcement:2 high tensile steel braids

Application:More industrial pressure washer application which require higher working pressure up to Max @6000Psi

Pressure Washer Hoses Features

*Wide range of working pressure range, from medium to high pressure 3000psi - 6000psi

*Kink resistance, guarantee smooth fluid transfer without constantly tangling

*Superior abrasion resistance quality level, able to withstand 1300 -2000 times strong wears.

*Nice lay out, low stick, soft touch sence, better durability

*Multiple color choices, assembly with NPT, M22, BSP fittings ends, apply to various pressure washer equipment

Pressure Washer Hoses Application

UGW pressure washer hose is ideal choice for pressure washer equipment transfer fluid, and go along with cleaning process. It can be wide apply for cleaning pavers, driveways, facades, car and many other areas.

Why Choose UGW Pressure Washer Hoses

UGW pressure washer hose are produced according to the specific requirements of cleaning industry. In the past 5 years, we have listened to customer and industry feedback, continuously improving the hose quality.

UGW uses advanced production machinery, such as USA Magnatech, and the Italy impulse test machine for quality inspection. With quality commitment, UGW improved wear resistance of rubber compounds, which greatly improves hose durability. At the same time, we use high-strength steel wire as reinforcement, to make better pressure resistance.

We provide bulk hoses and OEM service such as customized assembly products to meet the various customer’s request. Till today, with good quality feedback and market approval from North American and European, UGW are capable to offer your high-end quality level product, better service support and make your supply be highly cost-efficiency.

Sourcing Pressure Washer Hoses from UGW to Boost Your Business

✔ For Brand Owners

Premium quality level and technical support that guarantees and continuously improves your business reputation

Mature produce & supply management, inventory manage system are available for your better supply chain control.

Fast and stable delivery to ensure timely replenishment of production stock, and save operation cost.

✔ For Traders

Complete product range of hydraulic hose and fitting to cover your business supply line

High quality level product at competitive price and fast lead time

Fast response on OEM hose and fitting requirements

✔ For Pressure Washers Manufacturers

Good quality product exceed application requirements, such as pressure range,impulse cycles, safety ratio, abrasion resistance, kink resistance... be better support for cleaning work

OEM hose assembly in various length with fittings terminals as per request, to match machine requirement

Production managed inventory available for better management at supply chain

On time delivery and cost-efficiency for better cooperation on supply chain.

Pressure Washer Hose: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a high pressure washer hose?

A pressure washer hose (also known as a pressure washer hose) connects to a compatible pressure washer to deliver a pressurized stream of water to loosen and remove dirt, grime, grease, oil, and other substances of equipment and surfaces. These high pressure hoses are used for cleaning and hygiene tasks in a variety of industries.

What are the parts of the high pressure washer hose assembly?

✔ Adapters.

✔ Ball Valves.

✔ Pumps.

✔ O-Rings.

✔ Siphon Hoses.

✔ Spray Kits.

✔ High Pressure Hoses.

✔ Spray Guns.

What are the parameters of the high pressure washer hose?

The pressure washer hose is a conveying device that conveys the high pressure water generated by the high pressure pump to the high pressure spray gun. Various important parameters such as pump pressure, flow rate, hose diameter, length and roughness of the pipe are mainly considered when selecting a high pressure washer hose.

What are the different types of high pressure washer hose?

High pressure hoses are made of three materials: PVC plastic, rubber and polyurethane. Deciding on the type of hose material will determine how flexible and durable they are, and whether they will end up marking your driveway or deck. Rubber pressure washer hose is the most common.

What advanced manufacturing processes are used for high pressure washer hose?

USA Magnatech braiding machine to produce very stable and smooth hoses.

High pressure washer hose is suitable for transferring hot/cold water. It consists of three parts: out rubber cover, reinforcement layer and inner tube. The tube and cover are made of high quality rubber, which makes the hose resistant to high temperatures, abrasion, corrosion, weathering, ozone, and aging.

What factors need to be considered when choosing a high pressure washer hose?

The diameter of the hose is critical. When using an air or power washer for residential use, choose a 1/4" power washer hose. It is perfect for machines that produce around 2700 PSI. If your washer can produce 3400 PSI or more, choose 5/16 of inch.

Which is better, 1-layer steel wire or 2-layer steel wire high pressure washer hose?

For 1 wire or 2 wire, both has below advantage

Highly flexible with a tight bend radius

Wrapped abrasion & weather resistant synthetic cover

Durable wrapped texture design

Ultra-light design- Stronger and lighter than similar hose manufactured by others

One braid of high tensile steel wire-4000PSI

Two braid of high tensile steel wire-6000PSI

-40°F up to 250°F

What are the applications of high pressure washer hose?

With the proper accessories installed, they can be used to clean stubborn dirt from roads and construction sites, sanitize industrial kitchens, and remove oil, grease, paint and rust from trucks and farm implements.

What are the characteristics of the high pressure washer hose?

Rubber high pressure cleaning hoses are designed for high pressure water jets to clean even the dirtiest industrial surfaces. It can withstand strong water pressure without fraying, crushing, or twisting. The hose consists of a non-marking gray synthetic rubber cap and a nitrile rubber tube.

Why do you need a high pressure washer hose?

Thanks to the high pressure function, it can help to clean the garden or exterior easily. Therefore, it is widely used in many industries such as construction and agriculture.

How does a high pressure washer hose work?

At the end of the hose is a water gun that looks like the pressure guns used at car washes. When the trigger is pulled, the water mixes with the air and comes out the nozzle. Pressure washers can aggressively clean things with pressurized jets of water at about 75 times the pressure of a garden hose.

How does pressure resistance ability of pressure washer hose?

Only by understanding the pressure of washer hose better can choose the appropriate pressure washer hose.

Firstly, you should know the structure of pressure washer hose.

Inner tube: synthetic rubber;

Cover: Wrapped or Smooth Environment/abrasion/oxidation resistant synthetic rubber;

Reinforcement: 1W/2W(one and two braids of high tensile steel wire).

The middle reinforcing steel wire layers are the key factor affecting the pressure of the cleaning washer hose. Usually, there is two main pressure of washer hose. For one steel wire braid washer hose, working pressure is 4000psi; For two steel wire braids washer hose, working pressure is 6000psi; In addition to the common 4000psi/6000psi pressure, with the tech improvement, one steel wire braid washer hose can also reach 6000psi or even higher. The pressure datas of each manufacturer will be different, exact pressure you should confirm with your manufacturer. Then, it is necessary to select the appropriate pressure according to the actual pressure wash application.

How is the abrasion resistance of pressure washer hose?

The pressure washer hose has three layers and is made of heavy duty durable material. Here are the contents of each layer:

Inner tube: synthetic rubber;

Cover: Wrapped or Smooth Environment/abrasion/oxidation resistant synthetic rubber;

Reinforcement: 1W/2W(one and two braids of high tensile steel wire).

The out cover of washer hose determines the abrasion resistance, generally, there is ordinary synthetic rubber, which is suitable for ordinary cleaning fields; the other is high-end rubber, which has higher abrasion resistance. For UGW factory high-end rubber, smooth cover washer hose can reach 1300 times abrasion to explore wiresand expected to improve in the future; in special and extreme use cases, some will have additional "special Teflon coating", named "Tuff cover", which can achieve maximum wear resistance and wear resistance, prolong service life, of course, the cost will increase accordingly.

What are the factors will affect the pressure washer hose service life life?

In addition to the quality of the washer hose itself, it also needs to be paid attention to normal use. First of all, it is necessary to select the cleaning hose with the appropriate pressure and temperature for the actual application of the cleaning equipment.

Second, generally washer hose will have fittings, quick couplers, adapters... you need to make sure you crimp correct fittings, quick coupler, and adapters. If an improperly installed accessory comes loose under pressure, maybe will cause a burst.

Although pressure washer hoses are flexible, you should avoid pulling them hard, forcing them around corners or repeatedly dragging them over rough surfaces, or flattening them. Doing so weakens the hose over time, making it more prone to failure and bursting, drastically reducing service life.

Finally, keep the hose clean after use. If you leave your hose lying around in liquid, solvents can seep through the pinpricks and degrade the wire reinforcement.

What standards should a good high pressure washer hose meet?

High-pressure washer hoses, usually meet ISO/SAE/EN standards, which are international standards, American standards, and European standards. Different national standards will have detailed standards for washer hose, such as EN 1829-2, RoHS & REACH Etc(European standards). For UGW factory, we have a special production line for washer hoses, and our own rubber mixing workshop. Our special rubber formula for the outer cover can achieve high abrasion-resistant. Pressure resistant, and temperature to meet customer requirements as well. The production process fully according to international standards, now we have ISO, RoHS&REACH certificate certification.

How do Chinese suppliers ensure high pressure washer hose quality?

Raw materials

For the quality of pressure washer hose, the most important thing is the quality of the rubber and steel wire reinforcement.


Secondly, you should pay attention to the washer hose production line. What is the production machines? Does the production according to international standards? For example, what is the inner and outer diameter of the hose, working pressure and burst pressure, etc.

Quality inspection

The most important thing is the quality inspection process of pressure washer hose. What tests will do for pressure washer hose? Usually, there are hose I.D/O.D check, 2 times water pressure test , the burst test, and even impulse test...

What are the accessories of the high pressure washer hose?

We need accessories of the high pressure washer hose to connect pressure washer gun or pressure washer pump to work normally.

The most common cleaning pipe fittings are:

Fittings, the most common fittings for cleaning pipes are BSP/NPT.

quick coupler (QC Plug and Socket), quick connect fittings turn screw connections to quick connect/release making the job of connecting and removing the hose fast and easy.

Adapters, to connect fittings and quick coupler, common adapter type is M22 Threads adapter.

Hose guard, there is two main type, smooth and spiral hose guard.

Pressure washer gun and pressure washer lance.



Can the high pressure washer hose be installed directly?

In order for the high pressure cleaning hose to work properly, accessories are usually required to connect the hose and the cleaning equipment. Pressure washer fittings are an excellent choice for reducing the hassle of the work. Wisely choose which type you need and it’s material.

Most pressure washer hoses come with BSP/NPT fittings and QC fittings, common materials are carbon steel, stainless steel and brass.

How to prevent the aging of pressure washer hose?

From the hose itself, we all know that outer rubber of pressure washer hose is an important factor in effectively preventing aging. Usually, we will add antioxidants when rubber mix to make the finished rubber compound have anti-oxidation, ozone resistance, and anti-aging function.

Secondly, pay attention to the storage time and use time of pressure washer hose. If the storage time is too long or the use time is too long, the outer rubber will become brittle and cracked over time, and the hose will age. Therefore, we need to deal with Inventory and replace hoses regularly to ensure that the high pressure washer hoses are working normally.

Then, we need to use the high pressure washer hose correctly under normal working pressure and working temperature. If exceeds working pressure, or hose is exposed to extreme temperature, oter rubber will lose flexibility and harden, high temperature will cause elastic inner tube. The plasticizer in the plasticizer decomposes, then hardens and begins to crack and age. So when we choose pressure washer hose, we should pay attention to working pressure and temperature range.

How is the corrosion ability of pressure washer hose?

In terms of the inner cover or outer cover, ugw high pressure washer hose are made of certain corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance compoune. The inner tube is made of synthetic rubber inner tube, have good resistance to cleaner fluid, such as detergent. And the outer rubber is made of abrasion resistance cover, which able to stand strong wear during operation. Overall speaking, UGW pressure washer hose have superior durability.

How does pressure washer hose being made?

Pressure washer hose have three part construction, inner rubber tube - steel wire - outer rubber cover. We have own rubber compounding factory. When rubber piece is ready, they would be ship to hose workshop for inner tube produce, after that, would keep processing on steel wire braiding and outer rubber cover. The next would be hose valculnized. When it finished, pressure washer hose is finished. Before shipping out, each hose would be tested for overall quality performance. That’s how UGW producing pressure washer hose.

What is the minimum order quantity of UGW pressure washer hose?

The minimum order amount is 600 meters per size. And for colorful rubber cover, such as blue, gray, yellow, the minimin order quantity is 3000 meters per size.

Does UGW offer free sample of pressure washer hose?

Yes, UGW is able to offer the free samples for pressure washer hose. Please chekc with our sales team for further information.

What custom service does UGW offer on pressure washer hose?

UGW offer custom length, custom hose assembly. And provide free private brand labeling service.

What is the payment term?

We usally apply 30% deposit in advance, and 70& balance before shipping.

What is the lead time for pressure washer hose?

For a 20’ container, the lead time is around 15-20 days.

How do you change pressure washer hose?

The way to change to pressure washer hose is first to side unscrew the coupler, and remove the hose, replace a new hose, then repack the coupler and install back on machine. Based on machine are different, the ways might change accordingly.

How to prolong the pressure washer hose operation time?

Pressure washer hose is designed to use under certain pressure,bend radius and working environment. Any application beyong the usage standard might effect the work life. Only use it in right standard, hose go along with mass productive with cleaning equipment.

What should we do if pressure washer hose broke?

Once there is a broke, hose would leak fluid and become unsafe to use, it is a must to change a new hose at that moment.

How much to replace a hose?

The cost related to size, length, and overall quality. Should you have further inquiry, please go check with sales man directly.

What should be the best high pressure cleaning hose supplier have?

Product quality is able to meet the industrial needs, and international level, approval by the market.

Factory scale, able to meet fast & on time lead time

What factors will affect pressure washer hose’s price?

There are many factor might affect hose price, such as hose size, length, assembly fittings, and the most important, overall quality.

Where to buy pressure washer hose?

Distributor store, or equipment stores, or factory directly.

Can pressure washer hose work as industrial hose?

No, they are two different kinds of hose, and should only apply to designed application. They can not be mixed or replace each other.

We sincerely welcome friends to visit our company and cooperate with us on the basis of long-term mutual benefits. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries soon.

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