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Raw Material Preparation:

Rubber material (NANTEX; KUMHO), mandrel (PVC: can be used 10-15 times, steel), steel wire (Xinda), separant, inner rubber, middle rubber, outer rubber.


Rubber mixing facility (fully automatic system); rubber calender; plying machine; extruder; tractor; braiding/spiral machine; wheel printer, labeling machine, engraving machine; wrapping/unwrapping cloth machine; wrapping/split plastic machine ; Vulcanization tank; separate mandrel and test machine; Cutting machine; Meter counter; Packing machine.

Production Process:

1. Cleaning the mandrel (notes: ①the PVC mandrel is coiled on the reel, and the iron rod is placed on the table;)
2. Inner tube extrusion (notes: ①inner/outer tube production have a laser machine to monitor hose thickness. ②Workers check I.D/O.D and record the data on internal Q/C card. The card record each procedure on production and keep at least 6 month. If customer found any quality issue, we could tracking back and find the reasons.)
3. Braiding/spiral (notes: ① The refrigeration temperature of the braiding machine water tank is about -30°C, and the spiral air conditioner is refrigerated at a temperature of 22 degrees; ② More than two layers of braiding/spiral need middle rubber between each layer; ③ A layer of gauze is required before spiral the steel wire )
4. Extrusion of outer cover
5. Print lay line/character wheel
6. Wrapping cloth/wrapping plastic (notes: ① printing and cooling before wrapping cloth; using word wheel , cooling, and separant before wrapping plastic;)
7. Vulcanization (notes: ①parameters: 150°C, 90 minutes; ②vulcanization tank for spiral hose is 60 meters long; vulcanization tank for braided hose can vulcanize products of three reels once)
8. Unwrapping cloth/split plastic (① The smooth surface is 10% more expensive than the rough one, cause the cloth can be recycled many times and the plastic will be replaced after it becomes black to a certain extent)
9. Separate mandrel and test (notes: ①the hydra static pressure test is under 2 times of working pressure, keeps 3 minutes to see the hose performance.)
10. Cutting hose and calculate meters:
11. Packaging;(notes:wrapping film package; carbon paper package; reel package; carbon box package)
12. Testing: static impulse equipment, dynamic impulse equipment, tensile test.
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