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  • ISO 18752 standard is the most tuff standard for hydraulic hose ?

    The primary concept behind ISO Standard 18752 requires constant-pressure performance ratings in each class for different hose sizes. This specification also requires spiral hose to exceed one million pressure impulse cycles according to ISO 18752 hose grade D, type DC. This requirement is the toughe

  • Burst test for Hydraulic Hose

    As known, hose burst test is very common test during quality check standard. Today we talk the story behind a test in detailsA burst test is a hydrostatic pressure test of a hose assembly that determines the actual burst strength of the assembly. Any signs of leakage, bulging, coupling ejection or h

  • How long does a hydraulic hose life last?

    When talk about hydraulic hose life, so many variables come into play that it is impossible to exactly predict the service life of a hose assembly. Key factors to consider include size, temperature, application, media, and pressure.Hoses used on machinery will consume more quick than the hose used o

  • Why rubber ingredient is the most important factor of hydraulic hose quality ?

    Ahead year before, people usually pay more attention on hose pressure. Seems the working pressure reaches higher level the hose performance last longer life. But the truth is hose cover matters more than pressure. Once you found a pin whole on hose cover, this piece assembly is a fall apart. Then pe

  • Why do hydraulic hose quality matters the most in hydraulic system ?

    Operational environments and application demands for hydraulic hoses are vast and varied. From snowplows in cold Canadian winters to the hot interior workings of industrial machinery, hydraulic hoses perform a great number of functions the modern world depends on.Each of these hose applications has

  • Difference Between SAE and ISO Standards for Hydraulic Hose ?

    Recently, hydraulic system designers began adopting ISO specifications. Many large OEMs switched to ISO standards in their design and manufacturing process to ensure the sale and service of their equipment globally. ISO Standard 18752, released in 2006, takes a different approach centered around the

  • How many hydraulic hose pressure washer hose package way in UGW hose factory ?

    This week, we will introduce some common package way in UGW hose factory.First, hydraulic hose standard roll pack. This type pack is free for charge, the most economic way.

  • ¿Qué es la aplicación correcta de la manguera espiral R12,4SP, 4SH?

    Hoy, presentamos las diferencias en la manguera espiral R12 / 4SP / 4SH.De la hoja de datos enumeramos el diámetro exterior, la presión de trabajo, la presión de explosión y el radio de curvatura de diferentes mangueras R12,4SP, 4SH. A partir de los datos, pudimos ver que R12 es la manguera más flex

  • What is spiral hose R12,4SP,4SH correct application ?

    Today, we introduce the differences in spiral hose R12/4SP/4SH hose. From the data sheet we listed O.D, WORKING PRESSURE , BURST PRESSURE AND BEND RADIUS OF DIFFERENT of R12,4SP,4SH hose. From the data we could see R12 is the most flexible hose in three kinds. Pressure reaches at medium level.4SH ho

  • EN856 4SH hose in video .

    Hello,EveryoneHere is our 4SH hose in video, please check.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Lx2soPg4Us

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