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How To Import Hose From China?
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How To Import Hose From China?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 10-26-2022      Origin: Site

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With the improvement of hose tech, China's hydraulic hose market is developing better and better and is being accepted by more and more customers. And importing hydraulic hose from China manufacturers has proven profit. Almost any hydraulic hose supplier in China could produce the hydraulic hose you want. And the price is generally more economic than the same quality in other countries.

But there are hundreds of hydraulic hose manufacturers and suppliers in China. How to import hydraulic hoses from China? How to choose a reliable hydraulic hose supplier?

UGW 1wire braid Hydraulic EN853 1SN

UGW 1Wire Braid Hydraulic En853 1SN

You Have to Consider What Types of Hydraulic Hose You Need to Import.

Here are various types of hydraulic hoses on the market. Mainly divided into two types, wire braid hydraulic hose and spiral hydraulic hose.

Steel wire braid hydraulic hose: mainly has one braid layer hydraulic hose and two braids layer hydraulic hose. (R1/R2, 1SC/2SC, 1SN/2SN, R16, R17)

2Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose

2Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose

Spiral hydraulic hose: mainly divided into four spiral layers hydraulic hose and six spiral layers hydraulic hose. (4SP/4SH, R9, R12, R13, R15)

4Wire Spiral Hose En856 4SH

4Wire Spiral Hose En856 4SH

Before importing hydraulic hose from China, you also need to know hydraulic hose standards to ensure quality.

Here are 2 popular hydraulic hose standards in the following:

SAE Standard:

SAE 100R3 SAE 100R8 SAE 100R15
SAE 100R4 SAE 100R9 SAE 100R16
SAE 100R5 SAE 100R12 SAE 100R17
SAE 100R6 SAE 100R13
SAE 100R7 SAE 100R14

DIN standard: also called DIN EN


Learn basic important information about the hydraulic hose manufacturing process to understand the cost of hydraulic hose.

Raw materials (synthetic rubber and stainless steel wire) - learn production machines also;

Extruding Inner Rubber - learn Hose I.D;

Braid/spiral process - Know the wire steel diameter of the Hose;

Extruding Outer Rubber - learn Hose O.D;

Print Private Label - Confirm Printing Method;

Hose surface-learn wrapped cover and smooth cover, even embossed cover;

Vulcanized of hydraulic hose

Pressure Test, Burst Test, Impulse Test ect - Learn various test standards, and check test reports.

Packing Hydraulic Hose - Learn how to pack and choose the suitable way.

Secondly, you also need to clarify the market positioning of your hydraulic hoses.

Comprehensive consideration of hydraulic hose quality, price, delivery time, factory environment and response speed, after-sales service, and other factors. Then you can compare several Chinese hydraulic hose suppliers to choose the most suitable hose supplier for you.


UGW factory has more than 20 years of production experience. Braid and spiral Hydraulic hoses are mainly strength products. With quality as the core, UGW put heavy involvement in research and development, established a complete series schedule and commitment on manufacturing, product development, and quality. All hose product comply or exceed ISO, SAE, EN and DIN standard.

We have enough stock of raw material, and we have our own Rubber mix workshop, for making hydraulic hoses to follow the best pricing plan. We have confidence that at the same quality level, our hydraulic hose is the most competitive.

Free Samples are provided for quality evaluation before placing the bulk order, and all our hose test reports and certificates of hose are transparent for you.

And also we have cooperated shipping agent to help you check the best shipping way to load the hydraulic hose, and then ship it to your side at a competitive shipping cost.

What's more, we have experience in after-sale service, our experienced sales to answer all your questions, you can ask for support if you have any questions about the hydraulic hose, including hydraulic hose quote, sample, test, transport, payment terms, factory information...

UGW cares about your real needs and provides customized service according to various requests. Our mission is to be the bridge between customers and hydraulic hoses, to be your powerful backup suppliers of hydraulic hose.

Please contact UGW team if you need any support on hydraulic hose. For any questions about importing from China, our experienced sales will give your respond and solutions that help to your business.




UGW provides a wide selection of hydraulic hose adapater for multiple applications.
Metric Male 24°Cone Light Series are made of high quality to withstand high pressure and vibration. UGW supply a wide selection of Metric thread models and size or multiple hydraulic applications-machinery.
Metric Male 24°Cone Light Series are made of high quality to withstand high pressure and vibration. UGW supply a wide selection of Metric thread models and size or multiple hydraulic applications-machinery.
We sincerely welcome friends to visit our company and cooperate with us on the basis of long-term mutual benefits. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries soon.

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