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Top 10 Hydraulic Hose Companies Worldwide
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Top 10 Hydraulic Hose Companies Worldwide

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-07-2022      Origin: Site

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Hydraulic hoses are used as a transmission tool to connect machines, hydraulic equipment and are required to guide and control the flow of hydraulic fluid and direct it to where it is needed to transmit power.

Hydraulic hoses are widely used and in high demand all over the world. There are also many suppliers worldwide and today we will discuss the top 10 manufacturers of hydraulic hoses in the world.


1. Parker-Hannifin

Parker is the global leader in motion, fluid tech industry. They represent a milestone in the hydraulic industry worldwide, especially as a local brand in the U.S. Parker has many branches and distributors around the world.


2. Eaton

Eaton helps customers with solutions to their needs in managing electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power.


3. Gates Corporation

Gates is a manufacturer of power transmission belts and fluid power products. They are also a well known hose company in the USA, offering a range of hydraulic hoses and related products to meet the requirements of the industry and various applications.

Gates Corporation

4. Manuli

MANULI HYDRAULICS is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supplying fluid transfer solutions, components and related equipment for high pressure hydraulic, refrigeration and petroleum as well as marine applications to achieve excellence.


5. UGW

UGW is one of the leading hose manufactures in China. It provide full line hydraulic hose, industrial hose, one stop from solution to delivery. The up-and-coming brandsare quickly gaining market share with high-quality hoses equivalent to the larger brands without the high cost that the brands come with. Receiving very good feedback from market. We are happy to support your hydraulic business by providing good product and service.

6. Bridgeston Hose Power

With the largest mobile hose repair fleet in America, Bridgestone HosePower, LLC. offers the fastest, highest quality and most reliable on-site hose repair service. Bridgestone is one of old company with grat experience.

Bridgeston Hose Power

7.  Alfogomma

Since 1956 with strong OEM expertise, ALFAGOMMA designs manufactures and distributes a complete range of hydraulic and industrial top quality products all


8. Goodyear

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is a multinational tyre and rubber products company based in Akron, Ohio, USA. Founded in 1898 by Frank Hibelin, the company's main products are rubber tyres, rubber tubes, shoe soles and printer parts.


9. PolyHose

Polyhose is one of the top hydraulic hose manufacturers in India market. They supply hydraulic hoses to the local people in India, also expanding market with distributors in US, European market. If you are living in India and looking for hose product, Polyhose can be your choice to buy with.


10. Vitillo

Vitillo is an Italy brand company, it integrated projects HomeMade in local. Production line include Press Fittings, Adapters and Hydraulic Hoses. If you are in European, you might see this brand offen.



There are various hose brands and company. You might choose depnd different request /prefer. To matching your request more completely, please do not hesistate to contact us for further support.




UGW provides a wide selection of hydraulic hose adapater for multiple applications.
Metric Male 24°Cone Light Series are made of high quality to withstand high pressure and vibration. UGW supply a wide selection of Metric thread models and size or multiple hydraulic applications-machinery.
Metric Male 24°Cone Light Series are made of high quality to withstand high pressure and vibration. UGW supply a wide selection of Metric thread models and size or multiple hydraulic applications-machinery.
We sincerely welcome friends to visit our company and cooperate with us on the basis of long-term mutual benefits. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries soon.

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